Eddy just bowed his head realizing how silly he might have looked with the kind of smile he gave the lady. In silence, the two watched the rehearsal.

Not so long afterwards, Sharon whose role wasn’t yet up got pop-eyed when she realized that her brother had gotten off his seat to sit next to this fair pretty lady. “What is he doing?” she thought in bewildment.


“Hey Miss, I hope you don’t mind me sitting beside you!” Eddy said when he made a move to sit by this lady without even waiting for a reply.

“As long as you don’t end up bugging me… I’m sure we are both here to enjoy the rehearsal, right?” She said already looking a little peeved.

“Whoo… relax… Not gonna be a bother… and yea of course… we both wanna enjoy the rehearsal!” he said as he sat next to her feeling surprised. Eddy wondered how a lady with such a pretty face would be that unfriendly. However, he kept his cool.

But Eddy didn’t realize however that his sister Sharon was busily trying to get his attention, and probably trying to communicate to him not to engage the lady.


“Oh so you actually came to support someone as well? I also came for same reason… My sis… She’s somewhere up th…” Eddy continued with his chatter which was sharply interjected by the lady

“Excuse me, can I just watch the rehearsal?”

“O yeah sure… Sure!” he replied obviously not realizing that the lady was getting annoyed with his chitchatting.

“Well it’s my first time being here, you know. My sis invited me… younger sis actually… She’s been so excited about this opportunity… Have you been here to watch their rehearsal before?” Eddy started to talk again.

“Yes!” the pretty fair lady replied.

“Oh… I see… I think they’re pretty good… Thumbs up to Flin…I mean uhmm the lady… the lady… Ashley Banks… I’ve watched a couple of her movies and productions… More around the theme of love and betrayal… disappointments… heartbreaks… you know those sentimental stuff… I wonder why she chooses such themes….”

As he ranted, the lady for the first time turned and gave him an austere look which left him confused.

“O… Sorry… looks like I’m disturbing you…” he said as he looked away embarrassedly.

“Of course you are!” She exclaimed. And with that she shot up from her seat then started walking out. Eddy was shocked.

It was then that he realized that there was another fair lady sitting right behind them who somehow had been observing all that happened.

She gave him a look as though to say ‘sorry’ looking at how the other lady might have reacted towards him.


The production however still went on.

“My God! What has Eddy done?” Sharon thought to herself as she looked at the situation.

“I always tell him that this sanguine part of him that comes to glare when he meets fair girls will one day put him in trouble.” Sharon thought to herself as she had observed what had happened.

And before she ended her thought, she observed that Eddy had gone to sit beside this new fair lady who rather seemed more pleasant than the other.

“Sharon your scene is up next!” the assistant director signaled her which brought her out of her state of shock.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

WordPress:   https://dorothybuduarthur.wordpress.com/

Facebook:  https://m.facebook.com/dorothybuduarthur.blog/
Great day! xx


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