Hey guys! Hope you’re all good! Episode 05 of ‘Until the storm is over’ here now! Do enjoy reading! Have a great day! xx


“O my God! I’m so dead! She’s already here!” Sharon said when she saw her boss’ car parked in front of the theatre hall.

“Unlock the door first!” her brother Eddy said to her upon realizing that she was fumbling with getting the car door opened.

“C’mon don’t make a fuss about this. You’re just a minute or two late” he said trying to calm his younger sister down as they got out of the car.

“Bro, as long as her car is parked here means she got here before I did… and that means I’m late… I’ve got to rush and get inside then. I wouldn’t want to face her ‘wrath’. And Bro, when you get inside you could sit on any of the seats. As far as you don’t trespass our rehearsal space, ‘Flint’ won’t have a problem with you!” She ended with an agitated look for which Eddy grinned.

He looked on as his sister rushed inside the theatre hall. She had recently secured an offer to be part of the crew of one of the renowned Movie and Theatre Production groups in the country, owned and managed by Ashley Banks.

Sharon hadn’t had any problem so far with the crew except for her usual whining that Ashley Banks was ‘hard’ and bossy. That was actually known to the whole team, as they had secretly nicknamed Ashley ‘Flint’, and Sharon shared with him how most of the gentlemen on board felt intimidated by her.

Sharon had invited her brother to come since it was an open day for crew members to bring in at most one loved one to watch them rehearse their upcoming stage play. He locked his car then briskly walked inside.

Entering the hall, he realized that he probably was the only stranger there. Realizing that he had caught attention, Eddy made a hand gesture to signify that he was greeting them with some of the guys responding with smiles. He saw his sister on the stage who quickly made a signal to him showing him where he could sit. He sat comfortably after heaving a sigh.

Eddy’s eyes quickly run to and fro the stage wondering who among the ladies could be Ashley Banks, AKA ‘Flint’. In his head he imagined a tall muscular girl with probably a hard and ruthless looking face.

His imagination was suddenly interrupted by a sweet voice which gave a sharp command.

“Alright business starts now! No chitchat…back chat…chin-wag… whatever… I’m so not gonna tolerate that!”

Eddy’s eyes quickly went to where the command was coming. “That must be Ashley Banks!” he thought as he looked at the lady who seemed to be reading from her tablet.

“This’ what Boss says…she sent a Whatsapp message… She asked me to relay it to us all… And that she will be here soon, so we should start!” the lady concluded.

“O rather? Meaning that isn’t Ashley?” Eddy thought. He remembered his sister say that her car was parked in front of the theatre hall, but apparently it looked like she wasn’t there yet.

“Where could she be?” he thought to himself.


So the rehearsal started. And though it was just a rehearsal Eddy seemed to be enjoying it. It looked like the story line was about love and betrayal, and he marveled at the creativity with which it was woven.

Not so long afterwards, Eddy realized that someone had come to sit behind him. “It probably must be a friend or a relative of one of the production members” he thought as he turned to say hi and saw this pretty fair lady. He got stunned by her and that made him smile broadly in a ridiculous manner. The lady just gave a faint smile then quickly focused her attention onto the stage.

Eddy just bowed his head realizing how silly he might have looked with the kind of smile he gave the lady. In silence, the two watched the rehearsal.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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