The next day.

In Ashley’s home.

“Lois! Where have you reached?” Rhoda asked her on phone.

“Rhoda I’ll be there soon! Just try and keep her calm!”

“You’ve got the guts to ask me that question? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Leave my house!”  Lois could hear Ashley screaming at someone at the background.

“Geez! Rhoda don’t tell me Henry came over!”

“He did! He had the nerve to show up! You can understand why I’m not able to keep her calm anymore… He’s out of the compound now!” Rhoda said to Lois over the phone as she observed the situation.

“Alright Honey! I’ll be there soon!”


Not long afterwards, Lois got to Ashley’s place and Rhoda led her to Ashley’s room.

“Ash… It’s Lois” she said as she knocked on the door, but there was no response.

After a moment, she gently opened the door and went in.  Ashley was coiled up in bed with her pillow over her head as she sobbed.

“Ash… Sweetheart…” Lois said as she sat on the bed and rubbed Ashley’s back with her palm. Ashley got up tearfully and hugged her friend!

“He’s so heartless, Lois! It hurts so much!”

Lois could understand. It’s been a few months since Ashley broke up with her fiancé after she got to find out that he was having a romantic relationship with another woman whose name she only got to know earlier as Eva.

Ashley had given her whole heart to the gentleman. Everything seemed perfect for them, and he was the only man who had come her way that she had started making preparations towards marriage with. But it all crumbled when she got to see lots of text messages that proved Henry was cheating on her.

“I was trying to deal with this on my own Lois! I was trying to get over, and not cry…” Ashley lamented to her friend. “He had been trying to get back into my life… But yesterday I saw him… I saw him… And I never thought that that ‘Eva’ all along was someone I knew… Lois they were making out in his car by the roadside!” She said as she broke down in tears again.

“It was disgusting, Lois! How could they do that to me? How could Eva do that to me? She knew very well that Henry and I were making plans to get married… She even kept asking me about the date and how she was going to offer her full support with the other crew members…”

“Ash… Ash… Honey it’s okay…” Lois consoled her friend.

“Just let the tears out… Just let all the tears and anger you’ve been bottling up out… It’s gonna be okay… It’s gonna be okay!”

Rhoda who all along was standing behind her sister’s door sighed as she got to understand her sister’s pain. She couldn’t remember the last time she saw her sister shed tears, because Ashley had always been that ‘Super Woman’ who always got things under control. For Ashley to break down in tears meant that she was really overwhelmed by the situation.

She prayed silently saying, “Father… Please hold my sister’s heart… Please… Please heal her wounds… Please help her!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016



That’s all for  weekend! Catch you on Tuesday! Enjoy the new week! xx 


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