The speed with which Lois drove out of Ashley’s house got Rhoda (Ashley’s younger sister) wondering if everything was okay. Walking in, she met Ashley standing under the summer hut.

“Hey… Is Lois okay?” Rhoda asked Ashley as she dropped the grocery bags on the table.

“Ohhh Ash! Ash! Ash!” Ashley said to herself as she massaged her temples. Rhoda looked at her queerly in anticipation of a word or statement from her.

“I just hit the wrong note, Rhoda!”

She explained to Rhoda what transpired between them.

“I honestly didn’t mean to bring that up! I didn’t mean to rub salt in her wounds!”

“Mhh… She really looked disturbed. I don’t think she even saw me at the gate. Just get things resolved soon then Sis!”

Lois quickly wiped the tears when she got to her neighborhood. She drove to the house of the Andersons where she had left her son Kyler to play with the grandchildren of Mrs. Anderson whiles she had gone over to visit Ashley.

“Kyler Mama is in!” Mrs. Anderson called out to him as the little boy run to meet his mum. Lois however requested from her to allow her son stay for a while as she goes to sort some things out at home first. She felt like she needed some time alone after what Ashley said.

“Aw sweetheart! Really missed you!” Lois said to her 5 year old son. “You know what? Go on! Play for a while! I’ll return soon to come pick you home, okay?” she said with a smile as she hugged him then left.

Kyler seemed to be her only source of joy. But with all that was happening in her marriage she wondered for how long things were going to be sour. She tried her best to make things work, but her husband’s heart wasn’t stayed on her or on their marriage anymore for no apparent reason. She remembered how some nights ago her husband just said to her, “I’ve just lost interest in the marriage… I’ve got no problem with you… I don’t know why, but I’ve just lost interest!”


Quickly getting to the washroom when she got home, she prayed tearfully as she washed her face saying, “Lord! Please help me! Please hold me!”

With the feminine perfume that lingered on her husband’s clothes mostly whenever he got home from work, with the frequent travels all in the name of job demands, Lois was getting fretful that her husband probably was having an affair.

Sighing, she reached for her phone out of her bag to see whether her husband had returned any of her 14 calls which he missed, but he hadn’t. She decided to try reaching him again and finally he picked up.

Lois: Hello… Hello? Scott?

Scott: Yes… Talk!

Lois: O okay… 

Scott: You called like a 100 times, and now you can’t talk? I’m busy so…

Lois: We haven’t heard from you since you left home yesterday. 

Scott: Who are ‘we’?

Lois: Oh… Kyler and I. We miss you! I miss you… When are you coming back? Kyler has been asking of you!

Scott: Ohh! Tell Kyler that I miss him so much too.

Lois: When are you coming back? We’ve been praying for…

Scott: See, I’ve gotta go! Take care of him!

[Call ends]

©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016




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