​I remember when from a distance I first saw You 

“So admirable” I said. 

“Everyone’s dream come true” 

But I never imagined that I would come this close to You 

For my tanned skin, I thought, wouldn’t make that dream come true


Yet, here I stand 

Before You as You hold my hands 

In a locked gaze as we dance 

My love; My Knight 

As You plant Your kisses on my hands 

Kiss me with many kisses 

For Your love is sweeter than wine and the roses 

I know my skin may be sin-tanned 

But being in your chambers now, I really don’t mind 

For you chose to love me; not to reprimand 

You chose to save me; Hades just can’t understand 

You took me out of the scorching sun 

And out of the wicked sin vineyard 

And now in Your banquet hall 

Your banner over me is love 

All I want is Your kiss, my King 

All I need is your kiss on my tanned skin 

A kiss from you, oh my King of heaven 

So whisk me away 

Sweep me away in Your love 

For all I want 

Is to know you more and more. 

-Based on Song of Songs 1 

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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