Priscilla Sherrie

#Being Single
Crushes can be with both sweet and painful! The butterflies in your tummy when he/she comes around…and the pangs of pain when they are with someone else! Sweet when attraction is mutual, bitter when its a one way affair!

Attraction to the opposite sex in itself is not evil, its how we act on them. DON’T rush into a relationship solely because of attraction! That’s a recipe for disaster! Attraction is important but compatability trumps attraction…Open your eyes, be vigilant, take your time!

Keep in mind it is deep love, not attraction that is the base of Christ and His Bride’s relationship!

Have a blessed night

By Kojo Osei Frimpong


Ama felt a sharp pinch on her arm and gave out a loud cry making everyone turn to the back of the lecture room. Her sitting partner Sandra, who doubled as her room mate stiffled a laugh…

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