With the dawning of the Sun and its birthing 
With the sheet-creased wrinkles and the stretching 

She opens the window of her heart

 As she smiles at the rays that illuminate the sky

In hope that the day would bring her Shining  armoured Knight 

After that long lone dark-filled night 


She longs to be adorned in the colour of Snow

Running her fingers through her hair she fastens her bow

She looks into the mirror to see if she has still her purity and her glow

She winks at herself knowing that when he comes his mind she would blow

With her love, her sweetness and the beauty of her soul.

But,  she suddenly turns sad

As she looks over the walls to the outside 

Many other suitors wanting to get her attention

And her eyes, her ears; her flesh seem to want to respond to their invitations

The fact that she did not know when the Knight of her heart would come even heightens her confusion 

And she wonders if her choice to wait would only end as an illusion. 

Yet…something on the inside tells her “relax”

That though it might tarry it would definitely come to pass

So she puts on that smile again 

She washes down, and continues to put the house of her heart in order again

For she knows that the best is definitely worth the wait 

And until he comes she will continue to get ready as she waits for the day

On which she will put on the colour of Snow and the veil .


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