Most often than not, the urge to yield to sin wasn’t borne out of another person influencing me! It rather came from within!

It came as a thought!

Many thoughts run through my mind every moment. It was indeed a battle field since the basis on which one yields to or overcomes sin starts off in the mind!

But most of the thoughts I had even as a Christian were inclined towards sin, something I didn’t seem to understand.

I got thoughts of ‘watch this’… ‘watch that’… ‘no one is around…’ ‘Please yourself’… ‘Just one last time’, more than I got thoughts like ‘pray’ or ‘read your Bible!’ In most cases I yielded to the former.

And so I spoke to him about it.

“Ralph! Thoughts are formed and processed in the mind! And whatever you feed your mind with will be the products of your thoughts!” 

“Pastor, I don’t understand!” I said to him. “How is the mind fed?”

“Ralph, in as much as the devil and the flesh send certain thoughts into our minds, mostly our minds are fed through what we see, what we hear…touch… taste, or smell. It’s fed through what we perceive with our senses. And so if what you see every time is pornographic materials, that’s what you feed your mind with! If for every time you’re touching those sensual body parts through acts of masturbation your mind will be inclined towards that with time.  And you’ll find yourself thinking about that every time!”

I felt sad to hear that. “Pastor… so how do I deal with that?” I asked him.

“Be careful of what you feed your mind with, Ralph! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you not to feed your mind with those things which don’t please God! Consciously pray and ask for grace!

“And as Romans 12:2 says, we must be transformed by the renewing of our minds! It’s the word of God which renews our minds Ralph! If you feed our mind more with the word of God, you’ll find yourself having thoughts that please God!”

“I now understand Pastor… So will that mean that I won’t be getting sinful thoughts anymore?” I asked him.

“Some sinful thoughts may still come Ralph! That’s because many things run through our minds every time! But you don’t have to tolerate it! Should any sinful thought pop up in your mind, rebuke it in prayer and ask the Lord to cleanse your mind of any thought that doesn’t please him!”

“Hmm… I see… Pastor it looks like prayer and the Word of God is basically the whole remedy to dealing with sin and the flesh!”

“Yes it is Ralph! But many Christians miss that!  Emphasis on consistent and a habitual prayer life and meditating of God’s word! By that we walk by the Spirit! By that we crucify the flesh with all of its sinful desires! That’s why you shouldn’t compromise your personal prayer times and Quiet Time for anything! Don’t ever compromise!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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