6 days later

“Hey are you two sure of what you’re saying?”

“Yes Mummy! Yes Mummy we’re sure!”

I was in my room when Panyin and Kakra pulled mum in. I wondered what was going on.

“Ei Ralph! What is this I’m hearing?” I stared at her clueless when she asked.

“Who’s the damsel that’s getting my son’s attention?”

“Yes mum! It’s just like how guys in telenovelas smile at nothing when they’re thinking about a girl they like!” Kakra said childishly.

“And Bro. Ralph seems to be exhibiting such signs!” Panyin said as well and hid at mum’s back as though he was shy. “Bro Ralph just stares at nothing and smiles. He’s been doing this for days now!”

I just laughed.

“Ralph is it true? Which girl has been making you smile to yourself of late?” Mum asked teasingly. “She must be able to cook more than just Jollof rice o! You’re in love huh? Tell me, what’s the name of the girl?”

I saw the eagerness in Panyin and Kakra’s eyes as they stared at me waiting for an answer.

“Mhh… Yes mum you can say that I’m on love!” I said with a giggle.

“What is her name?” Panyin and Kakra asked in unison.

“Haha… But not with a girl… I’m in love with Jesus!”

Mum felt amused.

However Panyin and Kakra began to grin after I said that.

“Ah! Panyin! Kakra! Why are you two smiling widely?” Mum asked them.

“We’re also in love with Jesus!” they said in unison then run out of my room. Mum followed still feeling amused.

Yes I was in love, and I was in love with Jesus! Living a life not ruled by sin or the flesh is the sweetest and loveliest thing which can happen to anyone!

And all this is made possible by having a consistent fellowship with the Holy Spirit, through consistent and effective meditation on scripture and prayer, and daily asking for God’s grace and his mercies! The Holy Spirit is indeed our helper!

As I sat on my bed and smiled to myself still, I prayed saying:

“Dear Jesus. I love you! And I want to live a life that pleases you always. Thank you that by your Holy Spirit I receive grace to overcome sin, the flesh and all other worldly pleasures which wage war against my soul! I know that the flesh with its lusts and sinful cravings will still be there.  But I receive your grace this day! I receive your grace to live by and walk in the Spirit through the word and prayer every day, as I keep the flesh together with its lustful passions and desires crucified! I overcome because you have overcome sin! I’m victorious because You’ve won the victory! Thank you Father, in Jesus’ name! Amen!”

The end.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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