On that Saturday I felt a kind of freedom that I hadn’t felt in a long while!

The flesh indeed was just like how excessive fat affected the body: It weighs you down and makes you less effective!

But we want to be effective for the Lord! We want to run the race till we see his face!

We don’t need that ‘spiritual fat’! It had to be dealt with! We have to keep the flesh nailed to the cross! There it won’t be able to exert its rule over us!

I was tired of my addictions and secret sins which made me look like a hypocrite before God!

But I found the remedy now: it wasn’t by might as in having self-imposed restrictions which only ended up being a secret tomb that potentiated my secret sins, but it is by the Holy Spirit who helps us keep the flesh nailed to the cross!

On that Saturday, our Pastor together with some of the church elders led some of the youth through renunciation and deliverance sessions. It was that necessary as many people got freed!

And the Sunday was the climax! It seemed like a revival in my church, as the whole congregation went before God in repentance and asked for his mercies and grace!

There were many others struggling with all kinds of sins in the church. Many others who had indulged in some covenants in the past which seemed to be still affecting them.

People like Mr. Donkor in repentance wept, as well as some other elders. Felix and Adoley who were under disciplinary action by the church were also at church that day.

And after Pastor Obiri spoke about grace and mercies available in Christ, I led the song ‘God of mercy and compassion look with pity upon me’ in repentance.

I got to realize that day that the church wasn’t made up of infallible saints, but rather people who were counting on God’s grace and mercies to be able to please Him.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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