“Ralph! I know what you’re thinking! You probably are thinking that I’d judge you or condemn you!” he said intuitively.

“Honestly yes Pastor! I’ve always felt like coming to share with you, but something would always tell me not to and that your perception about me would change!”

“And I’m sure that was the voice of the flesh, Ralph! See, you remember what Adam and Eve did when they realized that they had sinned and were naked, right?” He asked rhetorically.

“They decided to ‘cover’ their nakedness… Then they decided to ‘hide’! Sin loves to be hidden Ralph! It likes to be ‘covered’ and ‘obscure’. It thrives in silence and secrecy and darkness! That’s how come most sinful acts are done in secrecy and in the dark!”

It was true. Mostly I’d close my doors and windows whenever I had the urge to pleasure myself, because I was afraid that someone would catch me, especially Panyin!

I figured that was the reason why the Bible doesn’t talk about dealing with sin and the flesh by keeping it in the tomb, but rather by nailing it to the cross, because a tomb may just be significant of secrecy, but on the cross sin is made bare and the power of the flesh is weakened.

I smiled at my Pastor as I thought about what he said.

“Well I understand Ralph! It’s quite tough having to open up to someone about your weakness! I remember my own personal experience!” he reminisced.

“As a young man, when I was struggling with lust many years ago, I decided to share my struggle with the Prayer Group leader of my church. Unfortunately for me, this Prayer Group leader had a besetting sin of gossiping! And soon people got to know about my struggle with lust!” he said lightly and chuckled.

“We all aren’t perfect, Ralph! Actually that greatly affected me! But later I found other believers who helped me in prayer and I was able to deal with the issue by God’s grace!”

“So Ralph… God’s grace and mercies still avail for us this day! And he will help us… I’m all ears”

©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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