I started getting jittery when Felix said that. Which secret life of the Church Steward did he know about?

“Yes. I’m sure he might be sending in his resignation as a Church Steward because I had a video evidence, and Pastor Obiri with the other elders couldn’t believe what they saw! Mr. Donkor and two other elders have been stealing church money and forging the Pastor’s signature as well!”

I was shocked when Felix mentioned that. “Felix… how do you know? Are you sure?”

“Ralph… They’ve been doing this on many occasions! The last time I was in the chapel tuning some musical instruments. And when I was leaving, I realized that they had just come in and were having discussions concerning that! I saw them forge the Pastor’s signature and share some monies too! I was shocked just as you are now! That’s why I decided take a video of the act”

I got to understand why Mr. Donkor left the meeting in anger that day. It was because Felix had exposed him.

“Honestly it wasn’t my intention to use it against him!” Felix said. “Hmm… I really feel bad for not being a godly man enough! And for making Adoley commit all kinds of sins! I pray the Lord forgives me! I pray she forgives me as well!”

I saw brokenness and sadness in his eyes. I realized how much we all needed God’s mercies and forgiveness. “Bro! The Lord forgives us if we truly repent, okay?” I said to him and hugged him.

Not long afterwards it was my turn to meet Pastor Obiri. So I excused myself then went to his office. My heart was racing in my chest. I still wasn’t sure of how he would react! But when I got there, he smiled pleasantly at me. “Ralph! Son, have a seat!” he said to me then said a word of prayer.

Reclining, he gave me that reassuring smile again which seemed to say ‘I’m all ears!”.

But I just couldn’t find words to say!


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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