So had gotten it wrong all along. I was trying to fight off sin and the flesh without God’s weapons of His Word and Prayer.

Pastor Obiri made himself available that day for one on one counselling and prayers. It was a somber moment as what he shared struck us!

As I sat silently together with some other youth waiting for our turn to meet our Pastor, someone tapped me on the shoulder.

I didn’t know what to say when I turned to look at him. It was Felix! I managed to smile however, and he sat by me. I was glad he did because he was really angry with me the previous day when he came to meet the pastor with Adoley.

“Yeah! I want to apologize for what happened yesterday… I’ll just go straight to the point. Well Adoley and I have a thing going on.”

I understood what he meant.

“Honestly I really like her and had future marriage plans with her. But it all got messed up, Bro!”  Felix shared with me sadly.

“I let myself go! And I couldn’t be a godly man enough! I realized it when the emotions were getting strong! Yet I didn’t do much to manage the situation, because it felt good holding each other and cuddling… and all that… You know what I mean, right?” he asked as I nodded in agreement.

“A whole lot has gone on between us! Somehow we both haven’t been able to control ourselves… I… I can’t believe myself! How did all this happen to me?” Felix lamented as he buried his head in his palms.

“Man… C’mon it’s alright, okay?”

“Yea! Apparently when Pastor Obiri summoned Adoley and I on this issue you’re the first person whose name came to mind, because not long after Adoley and I started to talk that day on the issue of she being pregnant again you walked in!”

Of course I remembered that incident with the Bible turned upside down in front of them as they acted as though they were having a Bible discussion.

“But I got to know that it wasn’t you who reported us! It was Mr. Donkor! You should have seen how this man slammed Adoley and I at Pastor Obiri’s office, Ralph! Honestly it got me angry!” Felix said. “But unfortunately for him, he didn’t know that I knew about his little secret life!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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