“So Pastor Obiri,” I said. “How do we keep the flesh nailed to the cross? How do we keep it crucified?”

“Okay… We need to understand that in dealing with and overcoming sin and the flesh, we definitely can’t do it without the help of God’s Holy Spirit. The effects of the flesh as opposed to the Spirit is inversely related. That’s why Paul said live by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh! If you allow yourself to be controlled by the Holy Spirit, you will keep the flesh nailed to the cross!” Pastor Obiri said again.

I got to understand better then why Jesus sent down the Holy Spirit to be with us. For we can’t fight this battle on our own unless we receive help from above. The Holy Spirit is our help!

“Repentance and confession is the first step in dealing with sin and the flesh! You need to be honest with God about your weaknesses.  Confess and renounce your addictions or besetting sins and ask the Lord to forgive you and have mercy on you! Some of you might have indulged in sexual acts, had sexual dreams, blood covenants and all other forms of sinful acts, and you seem not to be able to break away from it. It will be necessary for you to receive prayer support and deliverance, just to set yourself free from anything that you might have opened yourself up to!”

“Then ask the Holy Spirit to fill you! And the Bible says that we should come before God’s throne where we will receive mercy and grace to help us in times of weakness! Crucifying the flesh should be habitual! So habitually pray for grace and mercy!  Don’t go a day without asking God for grace!” the pastor continued. I was feeling relieved within as I seemed to be getting answers to all my concerns.

“Again Brethren! Study how Jesus did it! Jesus spent time every day in prayer! He studied scriptures! He fasted. And through all this he was able to overcome the tempter! Be like Jesus! Don’t joke with your daily quiet time, your personal prayer time, and your Bible studies too! The word of God is like the hammer and the nails that keep the flesh nailed to the cross. Love the word of God and make time for it! It is your sword in fighting this battle over sin and the flesh! And watch what you feed your soul with! Be wary of what you watch and what you listen to! Don’t give the devil chance! If you know you have any article which triggers sinful appetites within you get rid of them all! And love Christian fellowship! It will help keep you in check!” Pastor Obiri ended with a smile.

“Through the help of the Holy Spirit, brethren, we overcome!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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4 thoughts on “MY SECRET TOMB: EPISODE 38

  1. I really love this series. God bless you Sis Dorothy…. It is very beautiful… When a friend shared on whatsapp it just appealed to me. Now I am getting really hooked to The Secret Tomb. Beautiful story paa


  2. God bless you Sis Dorothy. its been great reading and have been blessed. the sins we fail to overcome today will definitely catch up with us tomorrow in a grand style. Thank God for grace that sets us free from the power of sin and the Holy Spirit that empowers us to live in victory over sin each moment.


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