“But Pastor!” Sampson also shot up his hand to ask a question. “If the Bible says that we’re indeed dead to sin, then why can’t the flesh just die? I really don’t understand! Why can’t the flesh just leave us alone?”

“Sampson I used to ask myself such questions too! For 10 good years even as a Christian youth I struggled with pornography and masturbation!” Pastor Obiri revealed shockingly to us! “But you see, let’s read Romans 6:6 and Romans 7:23… Ralph kindly read it out for us!”

My heart almost skipped a beat when he mentioned my name! Getting up, I read the scriptures out. Then he continued to explain:

“The flesh which is sinful human nature uses our bodies as its instrument to sin! It is through the members of our body that the flesh tends to exercise its rule!” Pastor Obiri explained.

“A lustful desire which emanates from the flesh will be carried out as a sin through the members of your body like your eyes and other sensitive body parts! As long as we remain in the bodily form, the flesh will still contend with us! It’s going to be a daily battle! But you must win! And the good news is that Christ Jesus has brought to naught the power of sin and the flesh!” He added encouragingly. The faces of many in the auditorium however were beginning to look gloomy.

“Hmm! Pastor… So what do we do? Since every time we tell ourselves that Jesus has given us victory over sin, but we seem to be always yielding to sin! It looks like dealing with the flesh is a hopeless situation! It’s like a never ending battle! What do we do? How do we overcome and win this battle?” Daniel lamented.

Yes, I wanted to know too! What do we do?  I had done everything possible that I could! I had kept a No Sinning Journal! I had tried taming the flesh! I had listened all the gospel songs I could think of! And confessed my sins over and over! But it all seemed futile! In my head I had buried the flesh in a tomb because to me that’s where dead things belong! But it never died! It rather potentiated my desire for secret sins!

“What do we do? How do we deal with sinful desires which wage war against our souls as Christians?” we all seemed to ask that question too as we looked at him!


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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