She was the apple of her Father’s eye 

Yet she got entangled in a deadly tie 

Away to a dark gloomy kingdom she was carried 

When in disobedience she tasted the forbidden 


But His deep affection for His child could not be buried 

His love for her could not be hidden


His kingdom was silent 

As they all wondered who would save the princess 


Then came a Knight of a high rank forward 

In His armour, gallant and flawless 

He told the King “I will save the princess!” 

He received His blessings for the show of kindness 

He bid the kingdom farewell 

And rode off hastily to rescue the damsel 

Many days had passed 

And her wounds and bruises were soon becoming scars 

But lo! One night screamed out her Captor! 

“There is coming a Knight in rusty armour! 

” No! No! The princess is about having a Saviour!” 

But the princess despised her Saviour for His rusty armour 

For He had no beauty or glory 

Just an armour old and rusty 

No entourage or army 

Just a little white Dove’s company 


He fought and defeated the Captor to set her free 

He got wounded; the very life in Him poured 

The princess realised with the Dove’s help the magnitude of the Knight’s sacrifice 

She regretted her actions seeing that with His life He paid the price 


She accepted His sacrifice with the help of the little Dove 
Then immediately the rusty armour began to fall off 

And beneath it was a shining armour she had never seen before 

It was an armour called LOVE 

With an engraving on the chest 

“My Church and My Bride you are now” 


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