“I understand what you mean Danny!” Pastor Obiri said.

Going to get his Bible he said to us, “Shall we all turn our Bibles to Romans 7:15-24?” He then read from the Amplified Version.

“How many of you have heard about ‘The flesh’?” he asked to which all of us raised our hands.

“Good!” he said as he begun to pace again but rather slowly now.

“Now we’re not talking about flesh as in body with blood or sinews! The Bible uses the flesh to refer to the sinful human nature! It is the nature of man without God! It is the nature man got after the fall in the Garden of Eden! It is a nature of sin that dwells in humans… It is Satan’s ally, and it is our ‘Enemy Within’” Pastor Obiri explained to us.

“It is at times referred to as ‘the Old Man’, or ‘The Old Self’! Sensitive appetites, lust and sensual cravings all emanate from the flesh. And it’s totally against God! That’s why holiness seems to be difficult, yet satisfying sinful cravings seems to be rather appetizing! You can imagine the whole Apostle Paul describing himself as a ‘Wretched man’ all because of struggles with the flesh!” Pastor Obiri continued.

He paused and took glances at us then smiled. “But thank God who rescues us through Jesus!”

For a long while we were all silent as we pondered over what he had shared.

Then one lady asked, “But Pastor… If we’re fallible to sin due to the weakness of our human nature or the flesh, then God probably shouldn’t blame us when we fall short and yield to sin, or? After all it’s our weakness!”

That seemed to be logically right.

“Dear, when we read from 2 Peter 1:3 we get to know that God has given us everything we need pertaining to living a godly life! We have no excuse! He’s given us His Holy Spirit! His word! Access to him in prayer! The blood of His Son Jesus! Mercies and grace! Jesus interceding for us! So we have no excuse because he has given us everything we need!”

“But Pastor!” Sampson also shot up his hand to ask a question. “If the Bible says that we’re indeed dead to sin, then why can’t the flesh just die? I really don’t understand! Why can’t the flesh just leave us alone?”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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