“Alright! We’re two now… I’ve also raised up my hand!” Pastor Obiri said. “Yes, I’m your Pastor… but I may also have that sin which easily besets me!”

I was shocked since I really saw all men of God as saints and infallible. But this was the greatest sign of honesty I had ever heard of. And after he raised his hand, it seemed all the others with me in the auditorium raised their hands as well!

“Now all hands are up! Alright! Hands down, and open your eyes!” he said to us.

People then stared at each other as though they wanted to know if anybody suspected them of having a besetting sin.

“See guys! The first time sin was mentioned in scriptures was in Genesis when the Lord said of Cain that “Sin is crouching at your door, eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be its master!” The devil through sin just has one motive: to control you! You yield to sin once, and you will do it again and again! It never gets satisfied until it totally dominates you.”

As he spoke I got to understand then that this whole thing about yielding to sin is actually a war, on who will dominate my soul: whether sin will, or Jesus will. It wasn’t just about having pleasure. It was a war!

“And so let me ask, are you making sin master over you, or Jesus is?”

The whole auditorium turned quiet after he posed the question.

Then Daniel, our Youth Bible Study Coordinator shot up his hand and said,

“Pastor…  Hmm… Honestly we all love Jesus! And when we asked him to be Lord and master over our lives I believe that we all meant it! But Pastor… hmmm!” Daniel gave a long pause. “The thing is, personally, I don’t know what it is… but… but it seems there is something within which makes sin attractive, and easy to do, especially sensual sins.”

I could relate with what Daniel was trying to describe. Most at times when I had that urge to watch pornography or to masturbate,  It came like a burning desire within, or like a voice, like something within which made the sin sound or look attractive, and then I just find the members of my body responding to it!

The ‘something within’!


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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