The story continues.

“How many of you were able to read the scripture in Hebrews?” Pastor Obiri asked us when he met the youth on that Saturday, and many raised their hands in response to imply that they read it.

The auditorium was filled with over a hundred young people who all responded to our Pastor’s call.

Pastor Obiri helped us read the scripture from other versions as he explained some key concepts to us.

“Look, I’m not here to talk about Youth Excursion or Gospel Rock Show or anything! What I’m about to talk about is a matter of life and death!” he said as we all had our eyes fixed on him. “It’s a matter of your soul!”

“We are warned in 1 Peter 2:11 to abstain from the sensual urges and the passions of the flesh that wage war against the soul! But I have a feeling that many of you in the church are yielding to besetting sins- you know that sin which you easily find yourself doing and it has become more or less like a habit! Some of you are mighty instruments in the house of the Lord, yet you have secret sins!”

My heart began to beat faster as he spoke. I wondered if God had revealed my sins to him. Yet, I just tried to relax and listened to him.

“See! Don’t joke with sin! Don’t say that I’m yielding to this sin once, and I won’t again.” Pastor Obiri continued.

It looked like our meeting with him was turning into a teaching service. But I realized that it was something we needed.

“Now you all close your eyes!” he said to us. “And with all eyes closed, if you’re here and you know that you struggle with any form of habitual sin, or addiction or secret sin just raise up your right hand. God loves us all and he’s ready to pour out grace and mercy onto us!”

For a brief moment I wondered if I should raise my hand. Gathering courage, I just shot my hand up with my eyes closed. I really needed God’s help to fight this battle, because I have been trying to fight it on my own for years and I was just failing and succumbing to sin in my closet every time!

But I got freaked out when after a moment Pastor Obiri said,

“So you all mean that in this auditorium of over 100 people only 1 person struggles with a besetting sin?”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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