“What is happening?” I thought to myself as the two of them got up and left.  

“Has the Pastor gotten to find out that the two were having a pre-marital affair? But why are they angry with me?”

 My thoughts were quickly interrupted as Mr. Donkor together with one other church elder passed by the chapel and were going to the Pastor’s office. 

“Gross indiscipline in the church! It is good they’ve been exposed! This won’t be tolerated at all!” he said loudly.

 It quickly made me confirm that it probably had to do with their affair. “But who could have gone to tell the Pastor?” I thought.

For about 2 hours the music department rehearsed. 

Not long afterwards, Mr. Donkor was seen coming from the Pastor’s office in anger. He looked inflamed, and wouldn’t even wait for the other elder he came with. 

“How can you just listen to this boy? This boy is turning the tables round and you’re just watching him! No one ever humiliates me! Never!” he ranted as he got into his car and sped off leaving the elder he had come with behind. 

We all began to wonder what had transpired. Mr. Donkor really looked infuriated. 

And later when the meeting had ended as we saw Felix and Adoley together with some other church leaders leaving Pastor Obiri’s office, Pastor Obiri came to the chapel to meet us. 

When he got to know that we were about closing he said, “Alright! I want to meet all the youth in the church tomorrow. It’s very important!” He said with all seriousness.

 The face he had on reminded me of how I saw him in the dream. And so a meeting was scheduled and as he was leaving he said, “And yes! Make sure you get to read Hebrews 12: 1-3 before coming for the meeting tomorrow! No one should exempt him or herself.”

When I got to bed that evening, I thought about the dream again. 

“What if that had actually happened in church? What if my secret sins got that exposed before the whole congregation in reality?”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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