“You don’t train your child well, see the disgrace he’s brought!” I heard Mr. Donkor, the Church Steward blame my mum. 

My mum started to shed tears in front of the congregation! 

 “No! No! Mummy…No…No…Noooooooo!”


I screamed out of sleep!

I looked around to see whether I was still in the church, but I wasn’t. I was in my bed with my singlet soaked with sweat. “It was a dream?” 

The scenes looked just too real. I looked around confusedly as though I wanted to see Angie and Pastor Obiri or my mum in my room, but I didn’t see anyone! It was just me on my bed. 

That was the most fearful dream I’ve had in my entire life!

 I checked the time and it was 4pm in the afternoon. Not long afterwards I heard a knock on my door. 

“Son!” Mum called out. “You’ve got rehearsals at 6pm right? It’s already 4pm! Just reminding you!” She said with a smile and then left.

 For about 30 minutes I just sat on my bed. 

I didn’t know whether to ask for forgiveness or thank the Lord for making that experience just a dream. 

The dream scared me, and I realized that I needed help! I really wouldn’t have been able to face anyone afterwards if that had been real. 

After washing down and having supper, I quickly left for church. 

Since Felix my deputy stayed close to the chapel, he usually was there earlier. I got there on time all the same and I met him there. This time round, he wasn’t alone. He was with Adoley. That was surprising. 

“Felix you’re in… Adoley…Ei… why are you coming to visit the music department today?” I said without any malice. 

“Oh please cut the pretense, Ralph!” Felix retorted as Adoley scowled at me. “I’m very sure it was you who went to tell the Pastor! I’m very sure!”

“Ah, why what did I do?” I asked them without a clue, yet the two didn’t mind me. 

As I stood there in confusion Pastor Obiri’s wife came to say to them “Please Pastor says you should meet him and the church leaders in his office.”

©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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