“This can’t be happening! No it can’t be happening!” Out of shock I dropped the disposable cup with the water in it and run to the technical control room!

 “Stop it! Stop it!” I ordered them when I got to the control room.

“Ralph it is not stopping! It’s not!” One of the guys said. And it was true! He kept clicking on the ‘Close’ icon but the video that was playing wouldn’t stop! I just pulled out the pen drive in frustration! 

I broke down and began to shed tears. “It’s got to be a dream! Oh God!” I lamented as the technical guys just looked at me dumbfounded. “I’ve got to be dreaming!”

I thought it was the song I downloaded for Angie that I had put on the pen drive! Little did I know that it was the pornographic video I had downloaded earlier rather! I felt like the earth would open up and just swallow me! “Why didn’t I check? Why this in church, God?” I thought. 

Before I realized Pastor Obiri was querying Angie in front of the whole church!

“Young lady what is this? What in God’s name was that?” He asked her sternly.

 Angie was also in shock, and she couldn’t even find words to answer. The thought that they would eventually get to know that it was my fault scared me.

“Oh Lord have mercy! The sounds we just heard were obviously sexual act sounds! What in God’s name is the meaning of that?” One old lady in the church shouted as some of the church members began to murmur! I could see the shock and anger on some faces.

“Pastor Obiri please it wasn’t Angie who brought the audio for us to play!” the technical team head suddenly went to the front to say to vindicate Angie. 

“It wasn’t her? It wasn’t her? Then who did?


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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