What they seemed to be saying brought me to a halt. Eavesdropping their conversation, I heard them say: 

“See I’m not ready for this! Just do it, nothing will happen to you!” said the male voice.

“Nothing would happen to me? Look, I’m not happy at all with the games you’re playing with me o! You know how to coax me to get what you want anytime, yet you don’t ever want to face the consequences. I’m not going to terminate this pregnancy! You keep saying you’ll marry me! Just make up your mind; come and marry me! I’m not going to abort another baby!”

“Don’t you understand? I’m not ready to start a family!” the male said. “We’ll be disgraced if people get to know that you’re pregnant for me! People will say that we’ve been fornicating!”

“Ah, so what should I do? All the while that you were sleeping with me you didn’t realize that it was fornication huh? Look young man, I’m not going to have another abortion!”

I was shocked to the bone because the voices were familiar voices! It was Adoley the church usher and my very own deputy music director Felix! 

I decided to intrude by walking towards where I could hear their voices. And when they heard the approaching footsteps they changed the subject of discussion. 

“So this is what Scripture is saying Sister Adoley. That we should be alert and be on guard! The enemy prowls around like a lion, Sister Adoley!” I could hear Felix say. “Roars like a lion… Seeking for someone to devour!”

“Oh Jesus! Deliver us from the devourer!” Adoley also exclaimed.

“Felix! Adoley! Oh it’s you!” I said smilingly as I got there pretending not to have heard their earlier conversation.

“Oh hi Ralph!” said Felix, and Adoley smiled. “Yes, we’re just having a Bible study! You know, the word of God is good for us!”

“Oh yes of course! It is good!” I attested.

 “I also just passed by to pray briefly! Okay I’ll excuse you two! Adoley, enjoy the bible study okay?” I said as she gave an awkward smile. 

“Oh thanks Bro!” Felix replied. 

Obviously, he hadn’t realized that the Bible in front of them was turned upside down. I wondered how they read from it!

©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016




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