(That which I feared…)

A week later. 

“Hey Ralph! I hope you brought the song! We’ll be ministering soon!” Angie said to me. 

“Oh yes of course! I’ve given it to the technical team!” 

It was Creativity Sunday in my church, and Angie who happened to be the theatre director was to have a choreography ministration in church with some of the youth. 

She was one lady I really admired in the church. I was excited then when she came to ask me to help her with getting a song suitable for the ministration. I felt like that will be the beginning of having good friendship with her. 

“Thank you!” she said with a ladylike smile and briskly walked away. 

Pastor Obiri was excited about the church service that day. He always emphasized on people using their gifts and creative talents to bless the Lord. 

After leading the music ministry minister a song to the congregation, Angie and the church theatre ministry were up next. 

Surprisingly I began to cough. So I walked to the back to get some water from the dispenser. 

As I stood there and saw Angie and her team in their white dresses standing before the congregation, I just thought to myself that I’d get a better view from the back. And so I continued to stand there. As expected, they gave the cue for the song to play.

But to my shock and to the horror of the whole congregation, it wasn’t a song that played. It was something else! And the whole congregation was gripped with horror! 

‘Yeiii!’ ‘What is that?’ ‘What is that?’ the congregation began to say. 

There was chaos in the church! The choreographers were in shock! 

Pastor Obiri suddenly sprang from his seat at the sounds that were coming from the speakers!

Angie looked at me horridly! 

“This can’t be happening! No it can’t be happening!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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