Calling Panyin back to sit on my bed with me, I encouraged him to share with me his concern. And he began by asking me a very interesting question.

“Bro Ralph! How does one become God’s friend? Our Sunday school teachers keep telling us that God wants us to be his friends. How? Because I want to be his friend.” 

His question was a simple one, yet thought provoking.

“Alright Panyin, now let me ask you, how did you and your best friend Newman become friends?”

“Uhm… Kakra and I were new pupils in their school, right? He was in the same class I was in, and he asked me whether he can be my friend and I said yes!”

“Good! And it’s similar to God and us, Panyin. Through Jesus God asks us to be his friends. And when you say yes, Jesus comes to live in your heart. Then you become God’s friend. And every friendship must grow right? So tell me, what do you and Newman do together as friends?”

“Okay” he said as he seemed to be thinking about it. “Okay we play together, and we talk. We spend time together too. We know each other’s likes and dislikes. At times we study together in school, and if any one of us offends the other, we try to talk about it and forgive each other.”

“That’s the thing Panyin. Even though we are God’s friends, we need to develop our friendship with him. God is always available and ever willing to have close friendship with us. We also need to draw close by speaking with him in prayer and studying his word. We need to learn his likes and his dislikes so that we can always please him and have a happy relationship with him. That’s why mum and dad have taught us how to have morning devotion and pray also. It helps build our friendship with God!”

“O okay…”

©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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4 thoughts on “MY SECRET TOMB: EPISODE 21

  1. I delightfully read the 21 episodes. Impatient to read the rest. Great Job Dorothy. You are gifted! Very interesting story on that which is a huge challenge for the youth and even adults today!!!

    And this remembers me Paul when he says “I strike a blow to my bodyand make it my slave, so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize”

    Keep it up
    Jesus cares!!!


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