“Okay… I understand now. So if I don’t read my Bible or pray will God stop being my friend?” he asked again. 

“Okay Panyin. Now tell me, how would you feel if Newman says he’s your best friend, but he never talks to you or spends time with you? Maybe he will play with other kids, but he won’t play with you. How would you feel?”

“I’d feel sad. The last time he did that. He wasn’t talking to me or playing with me because he had met other friends. I felt really sad, but later he came to say sorry and we’re still best friends now!”

“That’s how it may be with God too, Panyin. When we don’t spend time with him, pray or read our Bibles He begins to feel sad, but when we realize it and go back to Him to say we’re sorry, He restores our friendship with Him again. Panyin, with this example of you and Newman’s friendship, make God your very good friend by reading your Bible and praying every day. Know what your friend God likes and dislikes. God dislikes sin, but he likes righteousness. Keep that in mind too and you’ll make Him happy as your friend.”

Panyin smiled broadly and hugged me tightly. “Thanks Bro! I’ve gotten my answers now!” 

Happily he left for his room.

In silence I thought about everything I shared with my younger brother. “Am I being a hypocrite?” I asked myself. I was struggling with sin; I couldn’t remember the last time I had my quiet time, or personal bible study or prayer, yet those were the very things I had shared with my younger brother on how to be God’s friend. 

I had lost every desire for prayer and Bible meditation, yet I’d always sing ‘I am a friend of God.’ I wasn’t talking to God in prayer. I wasn’t spending time with him in Bible study or reading. 

God dislikes sin, yet I was yielded to sin.  Was I being a good friend to Him? Or was I making him sad?


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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