“Jesus! Jesus!” I screamed out fearfully as I woke up. I came to consciousness and saw Panyin on my bed. 

“Bro Ralph! Bro Ralph what is it?”

 “Ah! What are you doing in my room? When did you get here? How?”  I began to search for my phone and realized that it had fallen onto the floor together with the earpiece. 

What was the boy doing in my room? I had fallen asleep. Did he see me watch those videos while I slept? 

“Bro Ralph you hadn’t locked your door. And it’s not even been up to a minute since I came to your room! I’m unable to sleep, so I decided to check if you aren’t as well.” Panyin explained innocently. 

I sat looking startled, with my head slightly aching. Panyin just looked at my face confusingly. Did he catch me watch those videos? I couldn’t tell. 

“I’m sorry!” he said as he got off my bed and started walking out. I quickly took my phone and closed the webpages I was on.

As Panyin got towards the door, he halted, turned and looked at my face quietly. I began to feel uneasy. “What?” I asked him anxiously.

“Nothing… it’s just that I’m worried about something; I was wondering if I could talk to you.” Panyin answered. 

 “What is it?” 


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016


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