I got to bed at about 8pm that day because I just wanted to sleep early. However, I didn’t find myself sleeping immediately. Being idle, I took on to social media: checking out pictures, comments, videos, and having a good laugh.  

I got disgusted however when I realized that a sex tape had been shared on social media!

“Ah why at all would some people do this?” I was really annoyed, and I quickly swiped downwards just to avoid the nasty scene. 

I felt a little voice tell me to sign out, but the other posts and funny comments seemed to have absorbed me and so I didn’t heed.

 Later as I was still in my state of idleness, I felt another voice say to me, “O it’s just a free sex tape. Why not watch it? Just watch it once! Nobody will actually know! Just once!” Curiosity started building up within me. 

“No!” I said as I took the No Sinning Journal and recorded the temptation. 

“I shall overcome!”

The voice came again. “Just once! Afterwards you can even block the person!” It was beguiling. The members of my body already seemed to be arousing interest. The temptation was strong. My Will was weak. And I felt defeated as I took my phone and fixed my earpiece. I was ready to watch this sex tape.

 “Lord, please forgive me! I’m so sorry!” I said even as I started to play the video and watch. It was alluring and I was already getting aroused. I totally forgot about everything else as I fixed my eyes intently on my phone screen. And as if that wasn’t enough. Out of curiosity I clicked on another link that had been shared. To my surprise it led me to a pornography site. I was pop-eyed! 

“Just one more!” Something seemed to say to me said again.  “After all you’ve already watched the sex tape! Just watch this adult movie! Afterwards you can ask for forgiveness from God! He is merciful!”

There was no strength to resist. There was no will to say no! 

For about an hour I stayed on this pornographic site, forgetting about my data bundle. Later, I found myself falling into a deep sleep with the earpiece in my ears and the phone in my hands when I got ‘exhausted’. 

And after waking up from that sleep, I got this spine-chilling feeling as I felt that someone was on my bed. 


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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