Some weeks later.

“Panyin! Panyin! See this!” Kakra called out to him as they lay on my bed. I was listening to music on my phone and so I didn’t really have my full attention on them.

“Bro. Ralph…” I heard Panyin call.  

“Yup?” I responded still with my attention on the music. 

“What’s MNSJ? You’ve written on the cover of this book MNSJ…You’ve written some other abbreviations inside the book with dates… Some you’ve marked correct, others you’ve marked wrong… Is it some sort of register for the music ministry?” he asked inquisitively. 

“MNSJ…TTTBO…OMAP… Or is it tonic sol-fa?”

“No Panyin… The tonic sol-fa just has doo ree mii faa soo laa tii  doo…” Kakra said to Panyin. 

“d r m f s l t d… There is no ‘J’ or ‘P’ or ‘B’ in the tonic sol-fa! Panyin this one is coded! It is coded! Bro Ralph … What is this?” I heard Kakra ask. 

 I got startled when I realized that the two had taken that book and were going through: ‘My No Sinning Journal’… MNSJ!  

“How did they find it?” I thought as I quickly went to grab the journal from their hands.

 “I’ve warned you two not to go through my things without my consent! C’mon off to your room!”

Quietly the two walked out of the room. 

“Hmm!” I sighed as I flipped through the journal. 

I had resolved not to yield to sin anymore. After that prank and the Prophet’s visit to our church, I decided to continue to make every effort to stay away from sin and restrain the flesh as much as possible. 

Yes, I was bent on keeping it in its ‘tomb’. I deleted every pornographic material from my phone, the pen drive and even from my laptop! 

And so I adopted a strategy by keeping a ‘My No Sinning Journal’.

 I told myself that it’s a ‘NO to sin’ by default. For every time I got tempted I marked as ‘√’ and if I don’t yield to that temptation I’d mark as ‘x’.

I told myself that I would tame the flesh so I won’t yield to sin.

 I had read from the internet that if you do something continuously for over 21 days it will become a habit. 

So for every time I got the urge to watch pornography or masturbate, I would record that in the book and consciously try not to do it. 

“It’s no by default! It’s no by default!” I’d say repeatedly each time till the lustful thoughts go away. 

For about a month, that was past the 21 stipulated number of days I hadn’t indulged in any secret sin. I was enjoying the freedom.

 And this strategy seemed to be working for me, until something happened that evening. 


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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