“O Bro Ralph! Now it’s like when I see nice girls, or even those dressed in skimpy clothing then it’s as though my eyes sends some signals to my mind, then my body begins to act funnily! I thought I was the only one facing such a challenge, but apparently Kakra and even some of my male friends are also facing that! We don’t like the hormones o!” he lamented.

I smiled at the remark he gave. I could understand him. And it’s a sad thing for a man to be controlled by overwhelming emotions and sex drive.

“Hmm! You Bro Ralph maybe you won’t understand! You’re always singing and listening to gospel songs on your laptop so Jesus is always in your room…You don’t face temptations” Panyin added.

“Ralph! Panyin! Aren’t you guys coming?” Mum called out to us as she was passing by on the corridor. Panyin run out and followed her. 

What my younger brother said got me thinking. ‘Jesus is always in your room.’

 “Is Jesus always in my room?” I asked myself. I couldn’t answer because I wasn’t sure of the response. 

Constantly I got the prompting from the Holy Spirit not to yield to lustful desires which seemed to be my besetting sin. I knew that when I gave my life to Jesus he gave me victory over sin, but I seemed not to be experiencing that victory anymore. 

I knew that I had to be prayerful and develop my relationship with Jesus, but I wasn’t. I was rather gratifying my flesh and giving myself off to laziness and sleep!

 Yet everyone saw me to me spiritual! Panyin thought that Jesus was always in my room.

 Yes at first I could feel His presence and enjoy being with Him in prayer and studying the word and worshipping, but now I wasn’t sure anymore if Jesus was still King of my heart, neither was I sure that His presence was still in my room.

“Jesus…” I whispered. “Jesus… are you here in this room? Is my life being a temple for your Spirit? Lord… Help me!”

©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016


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