“Spiritual leeches!” He burst out looking a little chafed as his eyes moved to and fro among the congregation.  That heightened my uneasiness. 

“I am so annoyed in my spirit! I am so annoyed by what the Spirit of the Lord is revealing to me right now! I mean how? How?” the prophet burst out again. 

“Jealousy! Bitterness! Backbiting! Gossip! Theft! Witch craft! Sexual immorality! Sexual immorality! All in the house of the Lord? Oh and you think because no one sees you, you can go on? My friend you better repent, if not God will expose you!” those words pierced. 

The whole auditorium became quiet. I was sure most of the members were expecting a prophet who would come reveal deep secrets to them and pronounce wealth on them,  but this one rather came to rebuke us.

“Secret sins! Secret sins! Yet you hold enviable positions in this church! You pride yourself by saying that you’re a church worker, but you know that your heart is dark! You know what you do in your closet!  Oh! Or you think that God’s mercies and love gives you the license to continue living in sin? Look, if you don’t repent today, everything that you are doing in the dark will be exposed by the light of the Lord in Jesus’ name!” he proclaimed. 

Only pastor Obiri and his wife said Amen to that. The whole congregation was either in shock, or wasn’t so pleased with his line of preaching. 

“Oh whether you say amen or not, I have decreed and declared!” he spoke out again obviously not bothered by the church’s reaction. 

 The man looked annoyed. I wondered what the Lord had revealed to him. I got more scared by the words ‘The Lord will expose you.’

 Silently, I prayed to God in my heart to have mercy on me. This prophet was only a man, and he felt disgusted at what he was seeing amongst us. I wondered at how God felt with all the secret sins that dwelled in my heart, even though I proclaimed to be a Christian. 

During the prayer time after the sermon, I made a resolution in my heart to get rid of pornography and masturbation: the secret sins I was involved in. I prayed and asked the Lord for grace.

 Somehow I felt God tell me to destroy the pen drive when I get back home. I had a collection of pornographic materials on it, and no one knew about it. I told myself that I’d do exactly that. 

I felt much at peace when the Prophet led us through a time of worship and surrender to the Lord. It gave me much boldness to go before God to take the Holy Communion.

After church, when we got home and got done with having lunch, I went straight to my room with the motive of going to destroy that pen drive. I knew that was what God was saying, and I just wanted to heed. 

But when I went to the drawer in which I kept it hidden and brought out the pen drive, another cooing voice seemed to say something else to me. 

©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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