“Bro. Ralph!”

“Yes? What is it?” I responded.

“So why were you scared yesterday? Why did you cry and say that Jesus should forgive you when we played the rapture prank on you?”

For a moment I wondered why Panyin would ask me that question. The boy had really made observations that night.

 Just when I was about giving his question a thought, mum came out of the house and we drove off to church. I deliberately acted as though I had forgotten Panyin’s question, but in my head and in my heart I knew the answer. 

I knew why I cried and got so scared that night. I knew that my heart wasn’t right with God, and I felt at that moment in the night that I had truly missed the rapture. 

I realized from the driver’s mirror again that Panyin was staring at me. It got me nervy. 

Later when we got to church, the two went for Children’s service, whiles mum and I went for the adult service.

Getting there, mum and I went to greet our Pastor: Pastor Obiri, who stood at the entrance with his wife to welcome the church members. They were such pleasant couple. 

“Minister Ralph! Today we’re all eagerly expecting God to move in us through your worship o!” Pastor Obiri said to me as he shook my hand really hard. I guess he didn’t realize that he was squeezing my hand out of excitement. 

“O don’t worry Pastor! Yesterday even at home he was preparing and meditating on the songs for today!” my mum said.

 I started to get uneasy. In my head I just said “Lord, please have mercy on me!”

As I excused them and went inside, I met some of the music ministry members who began to cheer when they saw me.

“Heeeeey! MD (Music Director) is here o! It’s gonna be fireworks today!” I just gave a faint smile and sat down. 

Somehow I was afraid that God wouldn’t move that day since I had been giving myself off to secret sins. 

I had read in the scriptures about how when the priest and Levites prepared and consecrated themselves the Lord mightily would bless the congregation. I wished that I could just delegate someone else to lead the praises and worship that day. 

Whiles I was still in deep thoughts as I sat on one of the pews, I realized that there was a confrontation at one of the entrances to the chapel where one female usher stood. 

There was this man in bright yellow suit who seemed to be speaking to the usher in an unfriendly tone. 

“My friend, I said no thank you! I’ll carry my Bible for myself!” I could hear him say to the lady.

“Oh Sir! Please Pastor Obiri says I should escort you with your Bible!” the usher said rather pleasantly to this man in bright yellow suit . 

“Ah! And I’m saying that No it’s ok! You don’t know me eh? You don’t know me? My friend don’t make me expose you right now!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016
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