“O no o! I don’t know about all the things in your room, believe me! O Bro Ralph… You know… I’m becoming a man now o! I only come here for men’s stuff!” the 13 year old boy said to me.

“You’re becoming what?”

“Bro Ralph a man! So I only come here for men’s stuff! You know dad isn’t around! And I definitely can’t go to mum for such things! Some things are for men only!” he said to me acting all like a grown up

“O please spare me that! 13 year old boy what do you know about being a man?”

“Hmm! Bro Ralph you don’t know! You don’t know what we go through! Bro Ralph adolescent isn’t fun at all o! Actually it makes me feel funny! Hm!”

 I wondered what the little boy was talking about. So I enquired further for which he said, 

“Bro Ralph, you see some time back we’d see girls and we won’t have a problem with that, but now it’s something else o Bro Ralph! Our science teacher keeps saying that during adolescence our hormones become much activated and we tend to get attracted to the opposite sex! That’s temptation in disguise!”

I was shocked at what Panyin was saying. I couldn’t believe that at that at that young age he was already facing challenges with that. 

“Panyin what do you mean by temptations?” 

“O Bro Ralph! Now it’s like when I see nice girls, or even those dressed in skimpy clothing then it’s as though my eyes sends some signals to my mind, then my body begins to act funny! I thought I was the only one facing such a challenge, but apparently Kakra and even some of my male friends are also facing that! We don’t like the hormones o!” he lamented.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016


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