As I was still in my state of confusion, the door to my room was quickly flung open with Panyin and Kakra running inside!

“Bro Ralph! Bro Ralph! Lunch is ready!” Kakra screamed out as they came inside.

 They probably didn’t realized my edginess as I quickly shut down my laptop. Panyin just kept his hands in the pockets of his shorts and whistled.

“Bro Ralph mum says lunch is ready! Or you’re satisfied from having the Holy Communion uh?” Panyin said sarcastically

“Panyin don’t joke with such things ok?” I rebuked him.

“Yes o Bro Ralph!” Panyin then stretched his neck to look at my laptop which was on my bed and had the pen drive. “Ei Kakra! Have you seen this pen drive in this house before?”

That drew Kakra’s attention to it as well. “Ei no o! Bro Ralph is that your pen drive?” Kakra also asked.

“O no I doubt! I’ve never come across this pen drive in this room, Kakra!” Panyin said convincingly.

I wondered how he was able to tell that he hadn’t seen that pen drive in my room before. 

“Wait, Panyin, have you been coming to my room without my consent?” I asked him shockingly. 

“Oh… oh … Bro Ralph oh it’s not like that o!” he stammered.

 “Somebody is in trouble o! Fly away Peter! Ok bye!” Kakra teased his brother and run out of the room with laughter.

I looked at Panyin sternly. He saw the seriousness on my face and that got him pretty scared. 

“Oh Bro Ralph it’s not as if I come to ransack your room in your absence o!”

“Looks like you know all the things in my room and probably where I keep them too huh?”

“O no o! I don’t know about all the things in your room, believe me! O Bro Ralph… You know… I’m becoming a man now o! I only come here for men’s stuff!” the 13 year old boy said to me.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016


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