I took the pen drive and steadily held it in my hand. I began to think. “It’s not been so long since I bought this pen drive!”

Then a cooing voice seemed to say to me,

 “Yes, you needn’t really destroy it! It’s just the content that you need to get rid of, you needn’t necessarily destroy the pen drive!” 

That was convincing, but there was another voice which seemed to say to me,

 “Just destroy the pen drive! Take it outside and crush it into pieces, then dispose it off in the waste bin!” it was that same voice I had heard at church earlier.

 I knew it was God speaking to me, yet again the other voice seemed convincing. 

It began to make me reason: “There probably isn’t any problem with keeping the pen drive whiles I destroy the content on it.” 

 Yes it made sense, because I could still keep the pen drive and use it for other purposes. I only had to get rid of the explicit materials on it. 

So I sat on my bed and took out my laptop from its bag. I inserted the pen drive after it had booted, with the mindset of deleting the pornographic content on it.

 However, just when I was about deleting the content, something seemed to say to me again, 

“Oh… why don’t you have a look for the very last time? You know, just one more! It really wouldn’t hurt! It wouldn’t really corrupt you! Just one last time, afterwards you can say goodbye to pornography.”

 I sat there in silence for a very long time! I was in a dilemma. I knew it was the voice of the flesh cajoling me.

 Somehow, my mind began to respond.  “Just one last time…” I thought. 

But a part of me seemed to say, “No! You should have just destroyed the pen drive! Now delete the content on it!”

I knew that deleting them meant it will all be totally lost, but I couldn’t resist the urge to gratify my flesh for the very last time. 

As I was still in my state of confusion, the door to my room was flung open with Panyin and Kakra running inside!


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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