“Ah! And I’m saying that No it’s ok! Hm! You don’t know me eh? You don’t know me? My friend don’t make me expose you right now!”

“Ei!” I said to myself in shock.

 Somehow Pastor Obiri came around and settled it. He then came inside the chapel with the man. 

I observed the confusion on the lady’s face. I wondered what the man meant by ‘Don’t make me expose you’.

 Oh yea, the first thing that came to mind was “Was she a witch?” No…Adoley, the usher looked just too pleasant to be a witch. 

Again I began to wonder who the man was, and why Pastor Obiri went for him, for I hadn’t seen him in the church before. He went to sit with Pastor Obiri where the Pastors sat. I thought to myself that he probably was someone also in ministry. 

Lo and behold, Pastor Obiri introduced him at the beginning of the sermon as his friend who is a Prophet. 

“A prophet?” I thought to myself in bewildment. Was that why he said to Adoley ‘Don’t make me expose you’? I felt like asking someone else to lead the worship that day, because I was afraid that God would show my secret sins to this Prophet and get me exposed. What would Pastor Obiri think of me? What would my mum say? 

Somehow I just went on and led the praises and worship, and I avoided eye contact with the Prophet as much as possible. And because I wasn’t myself, I wasn’t sure if the worship was fine, but afterwards, I got the usual feedback from the congregation that the worship was powerful.

Soon when it was time for the sermon, Pastor Obiri mounted the lectern and said, “Church… today we have here with us, a very good friend: a personal friend and a brother! He’s been a blessing to me and my family, and this ministry as well. He holds the office of a Prophet! Yes, a very powerful prophet in our time! And we’re much honored, Church, to have with us Prophet Sampson to minister onto us!”

The congregation applauded as the prophet came up stage and took the microphone from the Pastor. 

Usually, the music ministry would minister a song just before the Word of God is ministered. My assistant Felix then got up to lead the choir for the song ministration. And just when the keyboardist gave the cue for the song, the Prophet abruptly hushed us.

“Heeey! Nope! Nope! Nope! You all just sit! Thank you, just… sit!” he said sternly as he waved his right index finger at us. We were all confused, and wondered why he did that. 

“Most of you probably don’t know me! But Pastor Obiri here knows me, and he knows that I don’t tolerate nonsense!” The prophet began to say.  

“Spiritual leeches!” He burst out looking a little chafed as his eyes moved to and fro among the congregation.

©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016


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