At 5:30am I was awoken by my alarm clock. Reluctantly getting off my bed I went to the washroom to check if what I was suspecting was so. 

“Ohhh! Not again!” My orbitals had become puffy again.

 Usually I’d get that when I don’t get to sleep enough. And it was obvious that after what Panyin and Kakra did to me that night I couldn’t get enough rest. I quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth. 

When I was almost about stepping out of my room, I saw some red folded papers in the doorway just underneath my door. 

Mostly when Panyin and Kakra err and they want to appease anyone in the house, they would use those red papers to communicate that and slide it under the person’s door. When we ask them why they choose to write on red sheets, they’d say “Red is significant of blood and also of forgiveness! So it means that every family is bound by blood, and so there must be forgiveness always!”

As I pulled the red papers from under the door, on one of the sheets was a drawing of 2 boys on their knees and in tears with another elderly boy which I presumed was me standing beside them. Then on the other sheet was a letter. It was in Panyin’s handwriting. Mostly Kakra did the drawing whiles Panyin did the writing. 

“We are sorry Bro. Ralph! Please forgive us!” 

I was still furious with them, but then I remembered that it was communion Sunday, so I quickly let go of it. 

I opened my door only to find the two of them standing in front of my door with remorseful faces. And though it wasn’t from my heart, I just told them “It’s okay!” They heaved a sigh of relieve and quickly went away to attend to their morning duties. 

After getting done with our morning duties, we got ready to leave for church.  Usually, either mum would drive, or I would, with the twins in the backseat. 

Whiles I sat in the car with the boys waiting for mum, I observed from the driver’s mirror that Panyin stared at my occiput in silence. Then he called out my name. 

“Bro. Ralph!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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