Priscilla Sherrie

Heya! Shalom
#Being Single

When searching for Mr/Mrs Right remember that he/she is not necessarily Mr/Mrs Perfect. Many times in the search for a beloved we tend to be blinded but what we feel would make them perfect. Don’t miss the right person because you were looking for perfection.

What may seem perfect may actually not be. The ‘perfect body’, ‘perfect smile’,’perfect complexion’ blah blah blah may not be *right* for you. Perfect is not always right, and right is not always perfect. Take note

Have a glorious day.

Written by: Kojo Frimpong Osei

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

‘Eeii Madam, what are you busily ticking in that book of yours.’ Ewuradjoa slyly asked her room mate as she strained her neck to see.

‘Go away la, its none of your business.’ Senam replied nonchalantly, still ticking little boxes in her book.

Ewuradjoa shrugged, wiped her hands on…

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