Amidst my confusion, I saw some tiny hands creeping out from under bed. 

Then there was a giggle. 

It was Kakra’s weird giggle!

 “What?” I screamed out in shock and in anger. 

Kakra came out from under the bed cradled in his cover cloth. 

He quickly stood by Panyin and the two burst into uncontrollable laughter. Those two had made a fool out of me. I really would have developed a heart attack that night! How could they joke with the rapture? 

“Hahaha! Set my toy!” the two sneered together as though they had rehearsed to say that.

“I will deal with the two of you!” Mum said dragging them to their knees by pulling their ears. 

“Where did you two learn that from, huh? What kind of mischief is that? See the ordeal you’ve made your big brother go through! Uh? Panyin and Kakra! You two apologize to your elder brother right now! C’mon apologize!”

I was so shocked that I couldn’t express my anger. How come I fell for their prank? Why didn’t I realize that Kakra’s braces were indeed not on the bed? Of course we can’t go to Heaven with anything earthly. 

I was shocked again that the two of them would connive to do such a thing to me. 

And how Panyin even read that scripture from Luke to buttress their act. They scared me to death that night.

“Bro. Ralph we are sorry! We won’t do that again!” The two said remorsefully in unison. 

I just left for my room without saying a word. 

As I got on my bed, I lay quietly with my hands at the back of my head and with my legs crossed. My heart was still pounding. I really thought that the rapture had happened. How could those two play such a prank on me? Remembering Panyin’s crocodile tears got me angrier. I was sure that he brought up that plan. 

However, with all that happened that night, I realized that I wasn’t assured that if Jesus had come that night I’d have made it to Heaven.

 I remembered the tears I shed, and my repetitive murmurs of ‘Jesus I’m sorry!’ 

For even though I could boast of being a Christian, my heart wasn’t right with the Lord. 

And indeed if Jesus had come that night, I don’t think that I’d have made it!


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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