“Mum the rapture has taken place! Kakra is gone! See! It’s just his pyjamas on the bed! He’s gone mum! O Lord!”

“Ah! Gone where? Kakra’s gone where?” Mum asked confusingly.

“Mum can’t you see?” I said in tears and in frustration. “He’s been raptured!”

“Rapture?” she asked rhetorically. 

Mum then just stared at us silently in annoyance. I didn’t understand why she was looking annoyed. 

Again, I was wondering why we all were left behind especially for my mum since she was a devout Christian.

 For me I knew that I had given myself off to lusts of the flesh even as a Christian. I always had that fear that I’d miss heaven whenever I got done with satisfying the flesh, but I didn’t think or even imagine the rapture to take place that soon.

“Hm! You said Kakra’s gone where?” Mum asked again as she flashed her light onto their bed again.

“Kakra you better come out of wherever you’re hiding right now!” Mum exclaimed. 

What was she saying?  The boy had been raptured, so why was she saying that? She realized the confusion on my face. 

“Big Boy like you you’ve allowed your younger brothers to play this prank on you! Look at the tears all over your face!” she said to me. 

“Ah!” I exclaimed in confusion. 

I turned to look at Panyin’s face but he looked away in the dim room.

“So Kakra left his pyjamas behind when he was raptured but he took his braces along to  Heaven, huh?” Mum said prudently. 

“Kakra by the count of 3 you better come out from wherever you’re hiding! 1… 2…”

I really didn’t understand what mum was up to.

 Amidst my confusion, I saw some tiny hands creeping out from under bed. Then there was a giggle. 

It was Kakra’s weird giggle!


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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