“Bro. Ralph Rapture! Rapture! Rapture! Kakra is gone! Kakra is gone!”

I didn’t understand what Panyin was saying. For a moment I thought he was joking. But the boy was in tears. He was visibly shaking!  

Forcibly he pulled me; then we started walking towards their room.

 I was getting scared. The blackout… the loud roll of thunder… the lightning… Rapture? Wait, Rapture? 

But I was still in my bodily form. Did I miss it? 

Walking through the dark corridors of our home I was greatly frightened. It made me come to a halt. “Panyin, what are you saying? Rapture?”

“Bro. Ralph! I was lying on the bed with Kakra, then after the blackout and the thunder, I couldn’t find him on the bed again when I switched on the lamp!” He continued still in tears. “It’s just his pyjamas that’s on the bed now! Bro Ralph! Bro. Ralph eeeh!….. Are we going to hell? Are we going to hell?”

“Lord save me!” I murmured. 

“Mum! Where’s mum?” I asked rhetorically as I was about making a turn to check if mum was still sleeping or she had also been raptured. 

“Bro Ralph let’s go to my room! I’m scared! O God please come and take me away! After all the Sunday school I’ve attended! ” Panyin lamented still in tears. 

Lo and behold, and truly when we flashed Panyin’s lamp into their dark room, Kakra wasn’t on the bed. Just his pyjamas was on the bed. My heart began to beat faster, as Panyin fell to the floor also in tears. 

I had missed it. I regretted the lustful acts I had indulged in some minutes prior to this. I regretted not kicking the guilt away and praying for forgiveness. I probably would have sailed through, I thought.

“Jesus! Jesus…” I mentioned the name as tears trickled down my face. “Jesus… Oh Lord forgive me! Lord I’m sorry! Forgive me!”

Panyin quickly grabbed the Bible on their desk.

 “Bro Ralph! Bro. Ralph!” The boy tearfully mentioned my name.  “The rapture! Bro Ralph! See what is written in Luke 17: 34! Bro. Ralph!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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