“Oh honey, our son is really making us proud!” That was mum on the phone with dad. “You know… Yes! You should be back home soon from your trek to witness how God is using him mightily in the church!”

“Bro. Ralph ooo! Bro Ralph! Nyame Akoa (God’s Servant) No. 1!” Panyin applauded, and Kakra kept making funny faces. I just shook my head. 

“Uh huh!” Mum continued on the phone with dad. “Now he goes by the title ‘Minister’! Hahaha! O honey! No…. Yea, Minister of Songs! He leads praises and worship at church… So Minister Ralph! Honey, you should be here! The Spirit virtually descends when he stands to sing! People begin to fall under the power of the anointing! It’s serious my dear! And I’m such a proud mum seeing how the Lord is mightily using our son!” she added as she blew a kiss at me.

As I sat there quietly pretending not to have heard all that mum was saying to dad on phone, Panyin and Kakra began to murmur, quite audibly. 

“Ei Kakra! See Bro Ralph o! He’s acting like he’s not heard a thing!” said Panyin.

“True o… Maybe he’s being ministered to by angels, don’t disturb him Panyin!”

“Eish Bro Ralph! Bro Ralph! Tomorrow too people will be falling and rolling on the floor when you sing!” Panyin said loudly. “And they’ll be shouting ‘Aaaaahhh Aaaahhh ‘… ‘Eeeeeeh”

I just gave a faint smile. My family was overly joyous about how they saw God use me, a 23 year old boy in our church. My Pastor would always tell me, “There is great grace upon your life, Ralph!” All the youth in the church admired me, and most of the ladies wanted to become friends with me since I could sing powerfully. 

They all seemed happy about my life, but deep down heart, I wasn’t happy… I was not! A fierce battle seemed to have surfaced within me… It seemed like a daily battle… It was a constant wage, and I seemed to be at the losing end every time. 


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016




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