“Ouch! Hey Kakra! What was that for?” I yelled at my younger brother who was a twin. “Why did you pinch me that hard?”

“You’ve been staring at the ceiling without blinking for more than 10 minutes now Bro Ralph!”

“And so?” I retorted. I had actually been in deep thoughts and I didn’t even realize it when he came to stand by me on the porch.

“I was checking to see if you are still alive!” the 13 year old boy said to me making funny faces and laughing. But I really wasn’t amused.

“Why are you on the porch all alone Bro. Ralph? Mosquitoes have been biting you and you don’t even realize!”

“Hey next time if you pinch me I will deal with you ok!”

“Oh Kakra! Kakra! Stop disturbing Bro. Ralph!” Panyin, Kakra’s twin brother screamed out from inside the house. “You know tomorrow is Communion Sunday! Maybe God was speaking to him!” 

Then I heard mum who was seated in the living room shout at Panyin to lower his voice.

“It’s ok let’s get inside! It’s already late, I’m sure mum may want us to pray soon!” I had to quickly get inside with him so that Panyin doesn’t come out to join us on the porch.

 It is said that amongst twins the younger twin tends to be more mischievous than the older twin. But it didn’t seem to be so for my twin siblings. Panyin who was the older twin tended to be more mischievous. As for, Kakra I could handle his mischief, but in the company of Panyin I knew that would be ‘trouble’.

We got to the hall and I realized mum was on phone with someone.

“It probably must be dad.” I thought to myself as their subject of discussion quickly changed to be about me.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016




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