“I’m done with you!”

7 years ago I echoed these words to my past: my unpleasant past.

 I was embarking on a journey of a new life, and I really couldn’t carry with me my cumbersome old life or my past.

 My past was weighty, and no matter how I might have relished to keep it, it was a total no-no for this journey. For I had to enter this new life as a ‘new man’! A ‘New Ralph.’

7 years ago, I decided to do away with everything of the ‘Old Me’! Yes! I had to consider it all dead! And to me, the only place where the dead is kept is in a tomb. So I considered the ‘Old Me’, together with my past and my old way of life as though it had been buried in a tomb.

“I’m done with you!”

Yes, for the new to come, the old had to go!

“I’m done with you!”

And 7 years down the lane I’ve been walking as a new Ralph!

And everything seemed to be going on well for this new Ralph, until…


© Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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