**Once Again**

I know I make your emotions topple

And at times you’d wish you were still single

I know I make your heart shrivel 

When with the crowd I mingle 

I know I reject your cuddle 

But for me you’d always light those candles

Your love for me – something unexplainable

Love with an undulating ripple 

People think you’re crazy

And you actually just amaze me

You must be love frenzied

Cuz I actually think I don’t deserve you 

Yet you won’t give up on me
You won’t stop calling me

You won’t stop knocking on my door

And your tears still wet my floor

You’ve always been real, and actual 

Yet, I keep loving that which is virtual 

You’d give me gifts, affection; attention

Yet all I do is reciprocate with rejection

I’d shame you; scorn you. 

I’d totally disregard you 

You were invisible to me as the wind

And as usual I kept forgetting about the promise ring

You gave me the best of jewelry

I occupied every part of your heart’s gallery

And yet, all you got in return was rivalry

As I set against you the idol of jealousy 

But now

I’m maimed, marred; scared 

My heart is broken; my joy is stolen 

And by a wrong person I got taken 

Oh! That once again his yoke over me would be broken

Oh! That once again you’ll reach out to me, the forsaken 

That I may be called Beulah again! 

That I may be called Hephzibah, I pray! 

That I may no longer be a prey 

Oh! That I  may be called your beloved once again! 

Dorothy Budu-Arthur



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