“Wow! Ana… don’t worry you’re in safe hands. You’re in a hospital” one of the nurses on duty said to her.

“Hospital?” Looking all confused.

“Yes dear. Unfortunately you were involved in a car accident”


The nurse smiled. “Relax Ana. We’ve all been waiting for you to be out of coma. Your husband comes here every day: every morning and every evening. And he brings you flowers every day. See the flowers arrayed over there. He’ll be so excited to hear the news”

The nurse out of excitement quickly went to get her phone and then called Rick. From the way the nurse spoke and reacted Ana figured out that he was really happy and was coming to the hospital immediately.

“Ana…. Your husband will be here soon. The doctors will also come and assess you soon. We thank God you’re fine Ana” the nurse said warmly.

Later in the day Rick came to the unit. Though Ana’s eyes were closed, she heard someone talk to the nurse. She opened her eyes and she saw Rick.

Beaming with smiles Rick came over, leaned forward and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“My love. Bae…. Oh Lord, I thank you! This’ a miracle. Ana. You don’t know how much I’ve missed you!”

Ana didn’t utter a word all the while that Rick was with her.

“I’m sorry Ana. It’s all my fault. I just thank God for not taking you away.”

Rick felt responsible for her accident. He thought to himself that if he had just taken her to her workplace that day she might not have gotten involved in that accident.

He however realized the confusion on Ana’s face and the fear in her eyes.



By Dorothy Budu-Arthur




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