Peeps are asking me to ‘resurrect’  Caleb.  I wish I could… But that should let us know that not every one gets a second chance…. So make good use of every opportunity O Christian!  By our attitudes and failure to show true love and care we make people leave the church… And some indeed like Caleb die not getting saved!


In the midst of all the pain and hurt she was experiencing, she felt a gentle tap on her shoulder.

She looked up and stared at the faces that looked at her with empathy. However she rather felt enraged.

“Ow… Sister… Take heart eh? Take heart!”

She just stared at them, from the left to the right; up then down. It was Pastor Marfo, and Aunty Stella, with some of the members of the church.

“Get out of my sight!” she barked in anger. She was fuming, and they could feel it. “Leave me alone!”

“Oh… Dear… we share in your pain, okay? This is hard… But the Lord gives, and the Lord takes!  May His name be pr…!” Aunty Stella tried to say.

“Stop the pretense! All of you stop it! Just stop!” Esi screamed out at them then  got up.  She seemed to be making a scene at the hospital premises.

“Oh sister we really share in your pain!” Pastor Marfo said empathetically.

“Stop acting like you care! Just… Stop it!  When Caleb and I needed help none of you were around!” She said tearfully.

“When my family was falling apart none of you were around! You never cared! So stop pretending! Maybe if you had been concerned enough, or prayed for us, or visited to give counsel to my family, my parents wouldn’t have continued fighting! They probably would have surrendered their marriage to God! Caleb wouldn’t have left home in frustration on his birthday! He probably wouldn’t have been hit by a car! He probably wouldn’t have died! My brother wouldn’t have died on his birthday” Esi lamented tearfully then ran off.
Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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