“They were here! They were here! Now I don’t know where they are! They were here!”

Pastor Marfo’s wife got startled in the middle of the night after hearing her husband talk from his sleep.

“Honey! Honey! Wake up!” she jolted Pastor Marfo from sleep. He looked frightened and was disoriented for a while when he finally woke up .

“Hey! What is it?” his wife enquired. The scary look on her husband’s face got her more worried.

“I… I had a dream… a very strange dream…” he said wiping off the sweat that had gathered on his face.

“What is it? Tell me…You look frightened!”

“Honey… I really don’t understand it! It was a very scary dream… I found myself on a large pasture… and there was a large flock of sheep on the pasture… A very large flock… Some looked healthy, others looked sick, and some were hungry even though was pasture.  Some were weak, some strong, injured, fattened, some had fractured limbs, some were excited as well, and some of the sheep were just sleeping and inactive. Some were even wandering off the pasture and were getting to swampy areas beyond the forage…”

“Okay… and what happened?” His wife asked encouragingly.

“Then I saw some shepherds… Quite a number as well. But they all seemed busy. I really can’t recollect what kept them busy, but they didn’t have their attention on the sheep.

And it looked like some of the bigger sheep were to teach and tend the younger and weaker sheep how to walk, and how to graze, but they also were just jumping about in fun and focused less on the weak ones…

Then suddenly in the dream the whole place got dark… And all that could be heard was thudding footsteps, maybe as loud as that of a giant.  Then a voice asked, “Where are they? Where is my sheep?”

Before the shepherds realized a greater portion of the flock were off the pasture and were sinking in the swamp beyond the pasture… I really don’t understand this dream!” Pastor Marfo said to his wife. His wife was also at sea.

“Hmm! It’s okay Honey! Let’s just pray about it and go back to bed okay? I’m sure with time God will grant us understanding!” she said to him which did little to calm him down.


Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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