​“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! What kind of childishness is that? So because of this she wants to leave the church? She should go eh!” Caleb and Esi who were eavesdropping had a great shock from the remarks made by Sister Love.

“What kind of attention seeking behavior is that?” Sister Love continued.
“Just because nobody visits you or really talks to you, you’re leaving the church? Why is she a child? It’s children who throw tantrums when they feel like they’re not getting attention or something!”

“Hmm…Sister Love, Kissiwaa is an adult o… I’m sure about 40 years… But it looks like she may still be young in the faith!”

“Ahh…. She’s a baby Christian eh? Ei then she should grow up o! Sister Doris don’t bother yourself on this issue! See, leave her! That’s how you should deal with Baby Christians at times – just like you would treat a child who is throwing tantrums… You leave the child to do whatever it wants… Later when the child realizes that nobody is giving it attention, the child will learn a lesson from that and grow out of that behavior! Look, leave her!  With time she will come back to the church!”

“Sister Love I’ve got fears o! That she may leave truly and like the lost sheep she would become the enemy’s prey!” Sister Doris said as they walked on.

With their voices receding as they walked on, Esi and Caleb could here this woman whose name they got as Sister Love tell the other not to waste her time on the issue, and not to even bother to tell the pastor about it.

After hearing this, Caleb made it clear to his sister that he would rather be at home and sleep than ever come back to the church.

“Esi, I used to think that children and even babies are young and inexperienced and immature… But their lives are shaped by the love and care they receive from adults around! Just listen to what this woman is saying! Shouldn’t the one who is strong in the faith help the weaker ones? But they really don’t care, Esi! Jesus is busily trying to bring people of the world to himself though the church! Yet after He brings them in, the church doesn’t nurture them or care for them! They’re scattering the young and weak sheep! Esi, I’m done with this church!”

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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