Later in the day since they were planning Caleb’s 1week celebration,  he went to his son’s bedroom to check from  his phone  whether he would be able to get  a picture of him for posters.

However,  the content of a received text message he saw on his late son’s phone got him petrified.

“Charlie when are we getting some of the good stuff? I really wanna get high. Been long since we smoked some o! ” the text message read.  Mr. Owusu started getting nervous.  Was  his late  son into drug peddling?

He quickly decided to go through his chat history.  His heart began to beat faster upon the messages he saw.  His son had been  peddling drugs.

” What? Caleb? ” He couldn’t believe his eyes.  How come his 18 year old son was selling illegal drugs?  Where did he get them from? How?  How come it never was obvious to anyone of them?

In horror he thought about all these things.  Going through his whatsapp chats as well, he saw many other chats with people  confirming that his  son had indeed been  into drugs.

And that wasn’t all.  One other chat he went through frightened him.  It was a chat his son  had had with someone who’s name was saved as ‘Grand Rebel’ :

Caleb: Charlie I dey br3 waaa! I can’t go one night without porn
Grand Rebel: 😂😂😂 but this bi normal?
Caleb: Errh?  Charle, like every gb3k3 (night)  i dey watch some.
Grand Rebel: Ei:oops::oops::oops:.  Then  your libido level bi high paa… Chai😂😂😂
Caleb: Hmm Charlie I no dey lie.  Sake of Enam never allow make i chop i for satisfy my body. The day I no fit masturbate koraa that day I go have funny funny sex dreams. Charle, I dey hia prayers! I dey fear say if I die I go go hell koraa…
Grand Rebel:😂😂😂.
Caleb: Wey the church my sis make we  join sef dem no dey biz .  Like I for tell the prayer people koraa make den pray give me.  But from their faces I sure say I go make top story for my area if I  ask them for prayers.  That Church dierrr Jesus for whip them.  Hypocrisy nkoaa.  Now I dey br3
Grand Rebel : Charlie dawg church people koraa.  But ibi normal o. Porno bi normal! You for get a girl or get some weed to control your libido level my guy😂😂😂

And that was the chat.

“What?” Mr.  Owusu thought in horror.  His son had been peddling drugs and was also addicted to pornography and masturbation and he didn’t know.
He wondered why his son never shared these struggles with  him, but he seemed to forget that he wasn’t ever there for him. His eyes begun to fill up  with  tears.

Dorothy Budu-Arthur


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